Our Locations

Karaka Medical Specialists, Unit 4, 71 Hingaia Rd Karaka

Cavendish Clinic, 175 Cavendish Drive, Manukau

Ascot Office Park, Level 2, Building C, 95 Ascot Ave, Greenlane

All appointments please phone 09 2673335 or email


Consultations Related to Injuries

NO CHARGE for consultations for injuries when referred from an ACC provider (e.g. GP, physiotherapist, chiropractor) with an accepted ACC claim number

Non-ACC consultations

$210 First visit (extended time consultation first visit $340)

$130 Follow-up visit

For Southern Cross members: Dr Speedy is a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider.

Missed Appointments

Please note that missed appointments or appointments cancelled within two working hours will be
charged to the patient at $210 for a 1st visit and $130 for a follow-up visit.

Make an appointment

All appointments please phone 09 2673335 or email

Please bring your referral letter with you and any X-rays or scan images. Please bring suitable clothes for
the examination e.g. if the consultation is for a lower limb problem, please bring sports shoes and some
shorts the examination.